Welcome to Animal Hospital of Fairfield

Welcome to Animal Hospital of FairfieldAnimal Hospital of Fairfield has been operational under Dr. Kozak for over 50 years.
Dr. Elakbawy has rebuilt it & developed it and he has been the director in Fairfield for 15 years.

The Animal Hospital of Fairfield is a full service animal hospital, where we treat your pets like members of our family.

From preventative and wellness care, dentistry, orthopedic care and more, we strive to achieve the best care possible with the most advanced medical procedures. Our doctors and staff have built life-long relationships with clients and their pets, and look forward to continuing that on-going service.

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Why Choose Animal Hospital of Fairfield

Our mission is to embrace the diversity of our patients by welcoming all ages, sizes, breeds and temperaments into our hospital and provide them with the best veterinary medical care possible. We understand the bond and relationship between human and pet, therefore we make it our life’s work to care for them as if they were our own.

Our doctors, technicians and staff are dedicated to the wellness of patients throughout their lives, and just as much to the concerns of our clients who entrust their loving and loyal family members in our care.

Finally, we devote ourselves to their well-being by treating our patients with respect, and a gentle hand for they too are a part of our family.

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